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Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Kaleo Decision


In light of all the ongoing developments with the COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to further update you on the direction we plan to take with Kaleo 2020.  


We plan to follow through with Kaleo in the following format. We will hold a six week online version of Kaleo with hopes of then moving to a two week in-person format. During the online section, we will meet digitally in groups, attend live talks, interact personally online, engage in growthful social activities, and work on assignments in our local communities wherever we may be living this summer. Our staff will also be consistently reaching out to students to check on them, counsel them, encourage them, help them grow spiritually, and overall help them perform better in their given environment. 


We’re actually very excited about this option!  Businesses, schools, families, and nonprofits are all finding themselves in a position in which they will need to pivot or quickly lose effectiveness. Our goal is not only to conduct Kaleo in the summer of 2020, but to overcome our proximity challenges and even find ways to enhance the Kaleo experience despite obvious challenges. We believe this summer won’t just be a “better than nothing” option, but rather it will be a rich growing experience. We fully expect this summer to be fruitful even though it will be different than we all expected.


Now, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. We’ve tried to anticipate some of those, and I want to answer those now. That said, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly if I can answer any questions for you.


What will the dates of Kaleo be?

Kaleo online will officially begin Monday, June 1st.  The two week in person portion will take place from July 15th-July 29th.


Where will the two week in person portion be held?

We have begun looking into many locations, but we have not landed. These include but are not limited to Glorietta Camp in New Mexico, San Diego, Breckenridge CO, Zion National Park, and others. Ultimately, though, we will only go somewhere that federal and local governments deem safe. As you know, we are of course unwilling to risk the safety of program attendees and staff.


What will Kaleo cost?

The Kaleo online portion will cost $400. Important: The $400 price does NOT include the two week in person portion.  We will have a price later for that portion and we will coach you through the summer on how to fundraise that amount.  


How much will the two week in person portion cost?

We don’t know yet. This depends on where it will take place.


What will the schedule be for the six week portion? 

In years past, students have worked day jobs and engaged in Kaleo activities in the evenings. However, we realize it’s not easy to get a job in the current climate and you will likely need to schedule much of your work whenever you can get hours. That said, while some of the online material will be “at your own pace,” some of the meetings and training will be live. Generally, those meetings will be in the evenings. 


Where should I live?

If you already live with people that will end up in your Dgroup, of course feel free to keep living with them pending your parents’ approval. You should live in a place this summer that you and your family agree upon. For many of you, this will be at home with your parents. We are aware some of you are planning on spending the summer in your college town with your current roommates.  Either works for Kaleo online, of course. Please follow government guidelines and err on the side of conservatism and safety.


What if I only want to do online and I don’t want to do the other two weeks?  

That’s fine! We understand that two weeks off from a job or a number of other conflicts could make those 2 weeks impossible. You can opt out of the two weeks later in the summer. That said, we would of course want you there and, if it happens, we believe you would be missing out on possibly the most fun and helpful section of the summer.


If I’ve already raised more than $400, what happens to the extra money I’ve raised?

If you raised more than $400 already, you can keep that money in StuMo and it will be applied to the two week portion. 


If the two week portion is deemed undoable and thus doesn’t happen, you can either: (a) Transfer your extra funds to another student who was unable to raise the full amount OR (b) Your donors may receive a refund upon request.  Of course, donated funds cannot be refunded once they go to another project attendee of your designation. 


When will we know about whether the two week in person experience will happen?

We tentatively plan to make this decision mid June. More info later. Unfortunately, Covid has tied our hands in regard to fixed timelines. It currently feels like waiting to make decisions like this is the wisest route. Again, we will not make any decisions that violate government or CDC guidelines.

What if we cannot hold the 2 week in-person aspect of Kaleo?

Kaleo will effectively end July 14th in this scenario.


Should I start raising for the in person portion?

Not yet. Many of you have already raised over $400. But if you haven’t, don’t start yet. More info will be coming later.


How will I be a Dgroup leader or KLP online?

We will train you and also learn from each other. Businesses, schools, families, and nonprofits are all learning with us. Fortunately, through technology, we are able to be more interconnected than ever before. StuMo staff will work with you to help you win in this area. We think this is an awesome opportunity to learn how to connect with people spiritually when you are operating on different schedules and even in different places!


Can someone who hasn’t yet committed to Kaleo still sign up?

Absolutely. We would LOVE to see Kaleo grow between now and June 1st. Keep in mind that applicants should be serious about growing in their leadership and faith. That said, by all means invite more friends. One of the amazing benefits about Kaleo online is it removes the barrier of having to relocate for the summer. Literally every college friend you have is a potential candidate to participate in Kaleo online.


Are we going to be required to work full time jobs?

No. However, we understand that many of your families would want you to bring home income this summer. Please take your leadership from your parents regarding a job.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number below or at


Kim and I consider it an honor to serve you and your child, and we take that honor, and your child's safety, very seriously.

Sean Vollendorf

Friday, March 27th, 2020

COVID-19 UPdate


StuMo, the parent organization of Kaleo, and its team members want to thank you for allowing us to invest in the lives of your children through our organization. We are grateful for each and every one of them!

In light of all the ongoing developments with the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to further update you on what StuMo is doing to prepare for this upcoming summer. Given the rapidly changing landscape, we are currently planning for multiple scenarios in regard to Kaleo. 


As many of you know, California is currently, and appropriately, on lockdown. In light of this, we are considering our options. 


In the event that we need to transition Kaleo from an in-person experience to an online experience, we are prepared to do so. For the last five years, StuMo has operated an online alternative for students.


That said, we will continue assessing the situation and our options. We will be ready to give more information mid April concerning which direction we will be taking. Clearly much would have to change between now and mid April in order for us to deem Carlsbad a safe climate in which we could hold our program. While it remains our hope to keep the event moving forward as planned, the health of our participants will be our top priority. Look for our communication mid April for an update on the direction we will head this summer. 

It should be noted that, should we move to a fully online Kaleo, the project budget will be adjusted and the cost of participation will decrease. In addition, donors will be able to recoup a student’s unneeded donated funds upon request.

Kaleo is an extremely valuable opportunity for both spiritual growth and leadership development. We’ll make every effort to bring Kaleo 2020 to our students whether that is online or in-person. 




Should I keep raising funds? 

Yes. Especially since we will allow refunds upon request to donors, by all means keep raising funds. Again, even if Kaleo is completely virtual, there will still be a cost (albeit reduced).


If you know something sooner regarding Kaleo, will you let us know?

If we know something significant before mid April, we will provide another update prior to that time.


Will there still be Dgroup Leaders and a KLP program?  



Is StuMo considering other locations for Kaleo?  



Is a shortened Kaleo possible?  

Yes. More info later.


Who can I contact to ask more questions?

Please always feel free to email me at or call me at 479.283.9694. Also, Kim and I live in the Phoenix valley and we’re always happy to meet parents of students in person or, more appropriately at this time, virtually.

Sean Vollendorf

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Our Message to Parents Regarding the Kaleo Summer Projects


Student Mobilization, the parent organization of Kaleo, and its team members want to thank you for allowing us to invest in the lives of your children through our organization. We are grateful for each and every one of them!

In light of all the recent developments with the COVID-19 outbreak we wanted to update you on what StuMo is doing to prepare for this upcoming summer. This week several of the universities have extended their spring break and are implementing online classes for varying lengths of time. We know people have lots of questions regarding what will happen in the coming weeks and months.

Our CEO, Dave Riner, met last week with our Board of Directors to discuss StuMo’s procedures and policies. We are committed to the utmost care in decision making when it comes to the health and safety of our students. 

As of today, we are making no changes to our summer plans for Kaleo. We don’t want to make any decisions prematurely or unnecessarily. We realize there are many unknowns, but right now directives do not extend into late May and early June, when our Kaleo Projects would begin.


Along with you, we will stay informed, prayerful and vigilant as the US endures the impact of the virus. 


Thanks for your interest and your support!

Sean Vollendorf

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