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I just applied, what's next?

After applying for Kaleo, a StuMo staff member will reach out to you about an interview. After the interview, the next step would be getting accepted to Kaleo. This is when you can begin fundraising and/or pay your deposit. To secure your spot at Kaleo you must pay a $400 deposit to your Focus Missions account. This deposit price is included in the overall price of $3700. In addition to paying your deposit, there will be other documents you need to review, sign and upload before securing your spot.

What does the cost cover?

The cost covers rent and materials for Kaleo. Grocery and travel are not included. However, you are allowed to raise an additional $1600 that will be given back to you in the form of per diem which can be used to help with grocery and other travel related expenses.

Where will I work?

Because there have been several Kaleo summer programs in Orlando the past few years, we have formed partnerships with different businesses in the area. During the first week of Kaleo, you will have the opportunity to visit these job sites and apply. You typically work between 35-40 hours a week Tuesday-Saturday. 

Also, many students in the past have been able to combine an internship with a summer at Kaleo. As long as the internship hours fit into the Kaleo schedule, you are free to work at an internship related to your major while at Kaleo. In the past, Kaleo students have worked at internships in the engineering, medical, education, and business fields.

What does fundraising look like?

Fundraising training is available through a StuMo staff member at each campus. The most efficient way for fundraising is through your personal Focus Missions giving link. This will give you the most up to date fundraising information. In order to participate in Kaleo, you are assigned and expected to raise $3700.


If you choose not to raise the donations needed to fund the project, you will be responsible to Kaleo for that amount. You may pay the rest of Kaleo all at once before the summer begins using your Focus Missions link or in 3 installments over the course of Kaleo. 


What if I need to take summer classes to graduate on time?

No worries! Students at the project are allowed to take classes online. We encourage you to take off 5-8 hours of work a week to have adequate time to succeed in the classes you take!


Where will I live?
Our staff have secured lodging at Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club in Celebration, FL. Mystic Dunes is a Hilton Vacation Club and is a 10 minute drive from Walt Disney World Resort. Students will stay in a 2-bedroom suite with fully equipped kitchens, seperate dining area, a washer/dryer combo and a patio or balcony. On the property you can enjoy multiple pools, golf, fitness center, mini golf, basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts and a few dining options.


Why 60 days?
We feel 60 days is the perfect length of time for a summer program like Kaleo. It gives you around 4+ weeks at home while also giving you ample time to develop spiritually. Often times at a week-long church camp, a person may return home on an emotional high. We do not seek for students to make emotionally driven decisions, nor to come back home merely riding an emotional high. Rather, we want to see you make gains in character growth, initiative-taking, leadership skills, social aptitude and in owning responsibilities. We believe that two months is enough time for you to truly take substantial steps in these areas. 

How do I get to Kaleo?

We recommend that students drive so that they have access to a vehicle to get around all summer. Although, we have many students that choose to fly into Orlando's International Airport. Whether you fly or drive, arrive the evening of May 30th. That’s when Kaleo content will begin. Kaleo will end the morning of July 25th.


How would I put Kaleo on a resume?
Kaleo, in short, is a summer residency program with StuMo. It's an incredible experience that will help you in problem solving skills and critical thinking. Students often list Kaleo on their resume like this:

StuMo, Summer Residency (Kaleo)

May 2024-July 2024

  • Lived alongside other college students and fostered community and unity

  • Attended intensive leadership training courses while working full-time

  • Received one-to-one mentoring from a leader every week

  • Developed a team of financial donors

  • Collaborated with other students to change my campus for the better


Is Kaleo the best place for spiritual and leadership development?
In our experience, a student can grow outside of a residency program like Kaleo, but it can be difficult. Kaleo allows you to get away for two months to a place where you are in an environment that is a greenhouse for growth. You will be hearing challenging messages each week from StuMo staff and other leaders. You will have accountability through your d-group leader and other in your group. You will learn practical skills such as how to study the Bible, developing work ethic, what qualities to look for in a spouse, how to help others find a relationship with God, how to handle money and making wise decisions.


Why is Kaleo in Florida?

A centerpiece of Kaleo is ensuring that each student works a full-time job. Not only so you can make money, but also so that you can grow in your character and apply what you are learning in a real life environment. There are only a few places in the United States where we can be guaranteed that 200+ people per Kaleo project will be employed just for the summer. 

Is Kaleo just a vacation?
Absolutely not.  Kaleo is not designed for the student who wants to take it easy. Though there will be plenty of opportunities for you to have fun, go to social events, take a road trip, go on group dates, make memories, etc... but Kaleo is so much more than this!  At Kaleo, our goal is to develop young leaders. The schedule is designed to ensure the you develop in your spriritual life. Thus, the schedule is very full with work, small group interaction, listening to speakers, reading, giving presentations, etc.

Can my parents visit Kaleo?

Yes! We would love for them to visit! We have a weekended designed especially for them. Stay tuned for more information about our Family Weekend.

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