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The businesses listed below are excited to hire anyone attending Kaleo this summer! To start the application process, carefully follow these steps: 

Follow the application instructions for each business.

Please only apply for ONE job on the website. Though you may be interested in multiple, we ask that you only apply for one on behalf of other students.

Fill out the form indicating you have applied for a job.

This form will help the Kaleo Jobs Team communicate with employers about applications and keep the website updated with available positions. 

At Kaleo, fill out the jobs card indicating you have been offered a position.

The Kaleo Jobs Team must approve of your job before you accept your job. The team will check the responses daily to make sure you accept in a timely manner.

The website will be updated as the Kaleo Jobs Team continues to search for additional employers. If you would like to seek out other job opportunities on your own, click the button below for a call script to help you get started. Scroll down to the bottom for some recommended businesses and retail areas!


1. No conflicts with project activities.

  • Students must be off by 5:00 PM on workdays, (5:30 PM with approval).

  • You cannot start/finish work before/after the work dates for the project (May 31st - July 22nd). 

  • Absolutely no work on Sunday or Monday.

  • No participant can work less than 35 hours or more than 45 hours (40 hours is preferred) without approval from Jobs Director. 

  •  D-Group leaders cannot work on Tuesdays.

2. All jobs must be approved by the Jobs Director before you may accept the job. Once you have talked verbally with an employer, you must notify the Jobs Director.

3. No job can be terminated by a student without the approval of the Project Director.

4. No jobs can be accepted where your primary function is to serve alcoholic beverages (such as at a bar) or where you are placed in any compromising situation.

5. You cannot stay home from work unless the reason is health related. You must obtain the Project Director’s approval to miss work.

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Due to limitations regarding partnerships with certain businesses, we are not able to "reserve" job positions with every business we contact. If you are interested in any other jobs that aren't listed above, check out some of these nearby businesses to inquire about seasonal positions available:

Sunset Walk Promenade: Flower Cafe, Ford's Garage, GameTime, Studio Movie Grill, Bahama Bucks
(3.3 miles from Mystic Dunes)

Disney Springs: Anthropologie, Columbia, Free People, The Lego Store, Lululemon, Under Armour, Zara, T-Rex Cafe, Rainforest Cafe, Everglazed Donuts
(9.1 miles from Mystic Dunes)

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets: Adidas, Banana Republic, Disney Outlet, J Crew, Lululemon, Nike
(11.9 miles from Mystic Dunes)

**Keep in mind that work dates are May 31st - July 22nd and your work week will be Tuesday - Saturday.

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